Architectural concept of the Świetokrzyska Philharmonic Hall in Kielce
Competition project 2006

Competition project 2006 The building of the Philharmonic in Kielce was designed to allow it to operate regardless of the events held there. The purpose of this study was to change the perception of the Philharmonic as a closed facility and to bring it closer to the inhabitants. The extension of the entrance hall was to create an open space where a variety of interactive activities can happen side by side. This space may be used as an art gallery, intellectual meeting place, discussion club and for temporary exhibitions. The room with a glass wall off the entrance hall with a multi-function application forms a kind of tableau whereas the administrative space along the open gallery is meant to fill the building of the Philharmonic with the kind of life which usually happens where the music or arts lovers cannot see it. Designing several spaces of different size which may be rented out but with access to common areas will further awaken the Philharmonic building. It should be stressed that the opening of common space to the audience will not affect the functioning of the Philharmonic as an artistic enterprise with specific functional and spatial requirements. The composition of the façade is formed by a rhythmic arrangement of glass rectangles standing out from the frontage decorated with glass strings. The quiet and clean façade rhythm is disrupted by cylinders located on the axis of the main entrance, as well as on one of the side entrances.