Programme and spatial concept of Laszczyk Family Manor alteration in Kielce
Competition project 2007

Referring to the guidelines in the Competition programme, a building was designed with the primary aim of improving the operation of the Museum and of enriching its offer. The newly designed building opens up through its glazed façades onto the silhouette of the Cathedral extremely beautiful from this perspective. Between the Manor and the newly designed building, a courtyard was designed. It could have numerous uses. Its closure from three sides gives the future guests a feeling of cosiness whereas the carefully planned garden also provides a sense of being close to nature. The body of newly designed building alludes to traditional construction in every contemporary element. Elevations were formed from a massive, slightly slanting foundation made of natural stone. The elevation was covered with wood, the roof is shingled. Small windows are designed to emphasize the traditional form. In contrast to the above-mentioned elements, there is large glazing from the side of the Cathedral and modern proportions of the building.