Alteration, interior design and decoration of premises in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Al. Szucha 23 in Warsaw
Competition project 2009

The main aesthetic assumption for the new interior design of a building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was to combine the original features of its design and the style they represent with new technologies and aesthetic trends characteristic of the twenty-first century. Originally, the elements of interior design including the architecture and the fittings, were designed for this building in the style of the inter-war period, which we can very simply and without going into details describe as the Polish variety of Art Deco. In our design this aesthetic idea was further developed in a contemporary style. The overall colour scheme of the interior and its individual elements is in keeping with the colour of marble which constitutes the basic palette. Pale cream marble flooring with contrasting beige and almost black rhythmic geometric accents harmonises with the natural colour of wood cladding and chrome / polished nickel elements which complement the interior design The original beige, white-veined marble pillar lining with stylized chrome capitals clearly dictate the colour of the walls and ceilings that are off-white. The ceiling closes off the staircase and was designed as a system of artificial skylights made of stainless steel sections, polished, fitted with sandblasted glass and secured with foil. The glass ceiling is illuminated by hidden light sources. The flooring refers to geometric motifs characteristic of the Art Deco style. Each of the newly designed floors was a reference to the spatial layout design with characteristic contrasting edging along the walls.