Architectural competition for the Polish Pavilion
EXPO 2015 in Milan

The designed Pavilion is one hundred percent in line with the idea of ​​the ecological construction, so-called sustainable, in this particular case manifested in care for the natural environment and the economical management of the raw materials: from the design, through the construction works, the operation of the building to its demolition. The ecological concept of the Pavilion is to set standards and principles of the construction based on the elements least harmful to the environment throughout the life of the building. This is the particular importance due to the place occupied by construction in all human activities. The design of the Pavilion assumes use of the environmentally friendly materials in its construction (rye straw, glued wood) and reduction of the energy consumption by using the natural insulation properties of the thatched roof, as well as by using the electro-chromium glazing, which reduce costs associated with the operation of the building.