Pracownie Architektury i Konserwacji Zabytków/architecture and heritage conservation office (until 2008 known as Pracownia Architektoniczna, architecture office, Aneta Barańska) was founded by the architect Aneta Barańska in 1993.The studio offers a full range of design services including architectural design, commercial/industrial design, interior design and interior decoration. The practice is based in Krakow, but numerous designs were successfully completed in other Polish cities and abroad. The studio is mostly involved in architectural design of various facilities including office buildings, public utility buildings, multiple dwellings, religious facilities, detached houses and residences, interior design of public utility buildings, housing, shops, and restaurants, offices, modernisation and alterations of all types of facilities including listed buildings as well as conservation of works of art (in cooperation with Phd heritage conservator Jarosław Adamowicz).

Pracownie Architektury i Konserwacji Zabytków guarantees designs applying state of the art materials and technology as well as latest aesthetic trends. Designs originating in our practice are very diverse. All the parties involved always participate in their creation. Experience gathered in the course of cooperation with our clients enhances our efficiency, flexibility and responsibility in design.