Architectural concept of interior and front façade alteration of the main building housing Alojzy Smolka Puppet and Actor Theatre in Opole
Competition, November 2009

The building design organizes the spatial arrangement of ulica Kośnego and optimally uses the plot potential in keeping with the frontage alignment of the adjacent buildings. The main idea of the design was to create open space in the literal sense and metaphorically. The transparent walls of the newly designed building open up its interior and invite passers-by to enter or just to look inside. They allow theatrical events and campaigns to emerge outside the building. The glass walls of the building form a system of moving, theatrical images, both during the day and at night.

The horizontal look of the glazed facility was emphasised by using a stone strip. It may form a background for the name of the theatre made of steel letters illuminated at night. The stone strip is finished off on both ends by steel elements referring through their scale and location on the façade to the horizontal decoration of the corner house (corner of ul. Kośnego and pl. Kopernika). As an alternative to the stone strip, a horizontal wall screen may be used as a multimedia theatre advertising.

An openwork steel sphere and a ball over it form a kind of beacon that both day and night informs about the activity of the widely understood theatre space. This distinctive spatial element will be recognized as a symbol of the magical world of theatre - and element which reflects the sun and the sky, shiny and glowing - sending rays of light at night.

The ground floor is primarily the entrance / multi-purpose hall and vertical communication. The glass balustrade in the foyer was designed to be occasionally used as a exhibition / exposition space. Located on this floor, glazed, open warehouse space also constitutes exposition space from the street.